The weekend is almost here...

My to do list for the weekend:

- catch up with friends
- buy outfit for forthcoming friends' wedding
- watch cricket on the big screen in the park
- visit the Ikon Gallery and the Framers to see if any of my work has sold
- deliver Warley Woods prints to the Cherry Tree

This weekend was supposed to be relaxing but it's fast getting filled up...!


Better late than never...

So Moseley Arts Market was a great experience on Saturday. I met lots of other stallholders, got some good advice for Artsfest in September, got a better idea of what people like and dislike about my work, and sold a few pieces too! My Moseley Dovecote print was the most popular; not surprising seeing as it's a local piece. The InShadow images also seemed to be popular, and quite a few cards flew off the shelves.

The weather held up, with the morning starting off too hot, but by midday the sun had dropped and it was a pleasant temperature for standing around under a plastic sheet! People seemed in good spirits. After thoroughly enjoying the day, I have signed up for another stall on the 22nd August.

A few people took the information sheets on my Warley Woods prints. Incidentally, I have agreed to supply some of these to the Warley Woods Community Trust cafe in the woods in 2 weeks time. They are going to be displayed on the walls and for sale in the shop and by custom order. More details to follow on that soon.

For now though, I shall leave you with some photos of my day at the Arts Market in Moseley...

beckyismyname's stall:

The Dovecote print in action:


Framed Moseley Dovecote prints now on Etsy!

My new illustration of Moseley Dovecote is now available to buy on Etsy.

I've priced it at $50, which is roughly £30. I can provide the print unframed if anyone would prefer. Please either email me direct or through etsy if you're interested.



Moseley Dovecote

I've produced a new illustration of Moseley Dovecote to have on sale at the arts market tomorrow. I'm quite pleased with it, I think the colours work well together.

Here's a little bit about Moseley Dovecote from The Moseley Societies website (www.moseley-society.org.uk):

The Moseley Dovecote

The Moseley dovecote was built in the 18th century probably at a similar time to the icehouse, but the precise date is not known. It was constructed of red brick of three storeys and is octagonal in shape. It had, by 1840, been adapted for general farm use and its ground floor had been converted to two pig sties, and the upper parts became storage rooms. The whole complex of South Lodge buildings was scheduled for demolition in 1933, but public petitions for the dovecote were successful, and this building, with a part of the adjoining “cow-house”, were spared. Plans for restoration of the building were in hand in 1939, but work was suspended on the outbreak of war, and it was not until the 1980s that, with the help of the Manpower Services Commission, it was possible to complete the work.

The Dovecote has been placed in the care of the Moseley Society, whose members volunteer to supervise opening to the public.

Text by Roy Cockel

and here's my illustration:

It will be available framed at tomorrow's market or you can email me on beckyismyname@hotmail.co.uk if you're interested in buying a print.


Moseley Arts Market

The arts market is on this Saturday and I am running behind on my preparation! I will be spending some time tomorrow evening illustrating the Moseley Dovecote, which is a beautiful little building, set back from Alcester Road. I want to have a few of these illustrations available for Saturday for a little local flavour!

I'm off to the framers this evening on my way back from London to pick up some more stock, and then will be spending tomorrow organising myself.

On top of all this, I need to come up with a fancy dress outfit for Saturday night! Photos possibly to be posted after the event...!


Busy Week!

The last week has been very busy. I've been producing 4 prints of Warley Woods for a private commission and am now putting costs together for a canvas print of my 'Tickle me' illustration. I've also got 10 of my illustrations available to sell at Studio4 Gallery at the Custard Factory, Brum and 'The Cherry Tree' interiors shop in Bearwood has asked for 6 of my Warley Woods prints to display for sale in their shop. That's on top of starting preparations for the arts market in Moseley on the 25th July! Must get to the framers this weekend to get some more stock in...

If you haven't already been to Studio4 Gallery by the way, you must go. They've got some amazing artwork on display. I spent about an hour in there perusing, before I plucked up the courage to ask if they were interested in my work. It's at the back of the pool in the Cutard Factory and is part of The Framers shop.

Moseley Arts Market

beckyismyname will have a stall at Moseley Arts Market on the 25th July. The market runs in conjunction with the village Farmers Market and is the first event I will have taken part in in Moseley. I'm very much looking forward to it.

I plan to have some of my framed Warley Woods prints at the event and may even have some local prints of Moseley if I can get out of the house in this sunny weather to take some! It seems to be sunny when I'm busy doing other things at the moment and as soon as I step out with my camera, the heavens open!

I'm also working on a commission for a canvas print of one of my illustrations, which is very exciting, and may spell a new direction for my work. Keep your eyes peeled for further developments here...


Warley Woods Prints now available on Etsy!

I now have four of my photographic prints available to buy on Etsy. Check out the shop for more info: