Moseley Dovecote

I've produced a new illustration of Moseley Dovecote to have on sale at the arts market tomorrow. I'm quite pleased with it, I think the colours work well together.

Here's a little bit about Moseley Dovecote from The Moseley Societies website (www.moseley-society.org.uk):

The Moseley Dovecote

The Moseley dovecote was built in the 18th century probably at a similar time to the icehouse, but the precise date is not known. It was constructed of red brick of three storeys and is octagonal in shape. It had, by 1840, been adapted for general farm use and its ground floor had been converted to two pig sties, and the upper parts became storage rooms. The whole complex of South Lodge buildings was scheduled for demolition in 1933, but public petitions for the dovecote were successful, and this building, with a part of the adjoining “cow-house”, were spared. Plans for restoration of the building were in hand in 1939, but work was suspended on the outbreak of war, and it was not until the 1980s that, with the help of the Manpower Services Commission, it was possible to complete the work.

The Dovecote has been placed in the care of the Moseley Society, whose members volunteer to supervise opening to the public.

Text by Roy Cockel

and here's my illustration:

It will be available framed at tomorrow's market or you can email me on beckyismyname@hotmail.co.uk if you're interested in buying a print.

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  1. I love this one Becky, so nice! Good work. XXX